Lotanna Igwe Odunze

I'm an Artist, a Writer, Inventor, and an iOS Engineer, at the intersection of art, language, and technology.
I invented the Ndebe Script writing system for my native language, Igbo.I build rich, interactive iOS features on major apps.I created SexyIgbo to teach people Igbo from scratch.I write compelling articles about Nigerian life on Nsogbu Magazine.

Lotanna Odunze - Work

Fundrise iOS Application

SKILLSSwift, Objective-C, Git, JSON, RESTful networking, Unit Testing, UI Testing, TDD.
FRAMEWORKSUIKit, MapKit, Core Data, AVFoundation, WebKit, Firebase, Firestore, Quick, SnapKit, Moya, Nimble, KingFisher, Mixpanel, Sentry.
DESIGN PATTERNSStrong understanding of MVC, MVVM, SOLID, and DRY.
TOOLSXcode, Carthage, CocoaPods, Github, BitBucket, SourceTree, JIRA

Sexy Igbo

Remote NG